Scope of veterinary science
Veterinary Science is the science of diagnosing, treating and curing the diverse types of diseases in birds and animals. The subject broadly covers the study of animal physiology, treatment and prevention of diseases among animals. The basic principles of this specialized branch of study are quite similar to that of human medical sciences. But the job profile of a veterinary doctor or a vet is much more than that of a general physician or a surgeon. It involves not only taking care of animal health but also includes scientific breeding and handling of livestock
Besides giving treatment, Vets perform surgery prevent spreading of diseases in animals by administering timely vaccination and medicines and give advice on care of pets and farm animals. 

Their activities may also include Animal husbandry- animal breed improvement by 'selection breeding' andartificial insemination, animal research in order to control spread of diseases transmitted through animals; thus protecting the public from exposure to diseases carried by animals, wildlife conservation, poultry management and health care, livestock insurance and rural development. Broadly a veterinary doctor has a major role in the conservation of livestock and domestic animal wealth.
Veterinary doctors deal with the treatment, care and handling of domestic pets, livestock, animals in the zoo, laboratory, sporting animals or animals with the government's animal husbandry departments. They take up practice exclusively of either large animals such as cattle including horses, pigs, sheep; poultry etc. or small animals mainly household pets including dogs, cats, birds etc. or both. The approaches in treatment vary according to different animals. The vets must be familiar with the many breeds of pets or livestock and the characteristics of each so that they can recommend diets, exercise regiments and treatment, specific to the breed.
The scope for veterinarians in the future is bright. As keeping pets is becoming a fad now, the demand for private veterinary clinics is on the rise in metropolitan cities. And similarly, there has been an unprecedented growth in the poultry sector and animal products’ technology sector, resulting in an increased demand for veterinarians in different sectors of livestock and poultry.