Under section 31 of IVCA,1984, the Veterinary Council of India has made following “regulations” .Such regulations are called as “ Veterinary Council of India Regulations,1992.
I. General Principals:

  1. The prime ray Objective of the Veterinary Profession is to render service to humanity by facilitating better animal production, ensuring Veterinary Public health and also caring for sick animals and alleviating their suffering.
  2. The Veterinarian shall be  an upright person and shall be sincere and diligent in caring sick and managing the healthy animals. He/she shall be modest, sober and prompt in discharging the duties. 
  3. He/She shall conduct with propriety in profession. The profession expects highest level of character and morals form the members.
  4. A veterinarian shall merit the trust and confidence of the client ,rendering their animals full measure of service with devotion .The responsibility will extend to entire society.
  5. Solicitation of client by a Vet directly or indirectly through on advertisement in News Paper, Card, Placard is unethical.
  6. A Veterinarian shall not advertise directly or indirectly through price list or publicity materials of manufacturing firms or traders with whom he/she may be concerned.
  7. A Veterinarian shall limit the source of income to the fee received for services rendered to the client.
  8. A veterinarian may patent surgical instruments ,appliances and medicines or copy right the application of a method and procedure.
  9. A Veterinarian shall not run an open shop for sale of medicine for dispensing prescription by doctors other than him.
  10. A veterinarian shall not give or receive nor shall he/she offer to give or receive any gift, gratuity, compassion, bonus in consideration for the referring or procuring any client for specialist/expert service or treatment.
  11. Prescribing or dispensing secret medicines, remedial agents of which she/he does not know the composition or the manufacture is unethical.
  12. A Veterinarian shall observe the laws of the country in regulating the practice of Veterinary Medicine. He/She should cooperate in the enforcement of sanitary laws and regulations in the interest of public health. A veterinarian shall act, observe state acts like drug acts, Pharmacy act and other regulations.

II. Duties of Veterinarian to Client and Patient:

  • CLIENT” means legal owner of the patient or his representative or the person (S) directly assigned responsibility of the client.
  • PATIENT” means  an animal, bird or a group of them being treated or managed or advised to be treated .
    • For the sake of humanity and for the noble tradition of the profession , a Veterinarian should be ever ready to respond to the need of sick/injured animal/bird.
    • Once undertaking a case, a Veterinarian shall not neglect the patient  nor withdraw form the case without giving notice to the client sufficiently in advance, to allow him secure another Veterinarian.
    • No veterinarian shall not willfully commit an act of negligence that may deprive the patient of the care that is absolutely necessary.
    • A Veterinarian shall use any drug prepared under Pharmacological Principals and shall adopt all necessary precautions like sterilization before using drugs.
    • The demeanor of Veterinarian towards patient shall always be kind tender and full of patience. Every patient shall be treated with attention, concentration and consideration.
    • A veterinarian shall neither exaggerate nor minimize the gravity of patients condition
    • In case of highly communicable diseases, he/she should inform the client and those who m the disease can be a potent danger.

III. Duties of Veterinarian to the Profession:
1.           Uphold the dignity and honor of the profession

  • A veterinarian may affiliate himself/herself with professional societies and contribute to the promotion of profession.
  • A Veterinarian should safeguard the profession by not connecting to unqualified person to treat patient.
  • The incompetent, corrupt, dishonest or unethical conduct on part of any member of profession shall be discouraged.
  • Whenever a fellow Veterinarian request to attend his patient due to his absence, the responsibility of the veterinarian is to treat the patient with utmost care.
  • Veterinarian occupying Official position to see and report on an illness/injury of a patient, the Veterinarian can do so duly informing the Veterinarian in attendance.

IV. Duties of Veterinarian to the Public:

  1. A Veterinarian shall advise concerning health and husbandry of animals in localities where they dwell. They shall play their part in enforcement of laws and regulations.
  2. A Veterinarian shall enlighten the public on quarantine regulation and measures for the prevention of  the epidemics, zoonotic, food born diseases and communicable diseases. They shall notify the respective authorities of communicable diseases. They should endeavor to ensure hygienic handling of animal products and water and educate the public of food born diseases and intoxication.
  3. A Veterinarian should strive hard for the betterment of animal production by advising livestock technologies on breeding, feeding management and health care.

V. Disciplinary Action:
Under section 31 of the VCI Act, Veterinary Council may award punishment to the Veterinarian for offences, professional misconducts. Further they can remove the name from the Registered Veterinary Practitioner Register for a specific period.
Professional Misconducts:

  1. Improper conduct with the patient
  2. Conviction by the court of law of offences involving moral turpitude.
  3. Tampering with or false providing professional Certificates, documents, reports
    • Vaccination Certificate
    • Soundness Certificate
    • Certificate indicating result of a test
    • PM report
    • Trauma Certificate
    • Birth Certificate
    • Certificate indicating reproductive defects
    • Certificate for Euthanasia
    • Quarantine clearance certificate
      • A Veterinarian should maintain a register of Veterinary Medical Certificates issued with all details.
      • While issuing a Certificate , mention correct age, sex, identification marks, name, owners name.
      • Keep a copy of certificate issued in records
      • Take an undertaking from the owner that he/she is the genuine owner of the patient with signature/thumb impression.
  1. Contravention of the previous laws relating to a drug and regulation and regulation.
  2. Selling a drug or poisonous chemicals to public
  3. Performing and enabling an unqualified person to perform illegal operation for which there is no medical , surgical or psychological indication.
  4. Affixing a sign board on a chemist ‘s shop or in place where the Veterinarian does not work or reside.
  5. While dispensing a board/plate ,writing anything other than his/her name ,qualification and reg. number.
  6.  Before conducting operation/euthanasia not obtaining the consent of client in written
  7. Using touts or agents for procuring patients.
      • The state Veterinary Council will investigate
        • Register Veterinary Practice nor being convicted of any criminal offences.
        • Any person whose name is fraudulently entered in Register
        • The state Council on receipt of a complaints regarding any unregistered individual who while rendering minor Veterinary services as described under 30 of the Act,, shall make necessary investigation and advice state Government to take action.



The Andhra Pradesh veterinary Council started functioning   from 7-11-1994.ed
It is  a regulatory Body and differ from other service associations like APVA,VAS AssociationAHOA.

  • Roles and Responsibilities:

1.   Framing the Veterinary Regulations
2.   Maintaining the register of Registered Veterinary Practitioners in state

  1. Registration / renewal of registration and provisional registration and transfer of memberships of members
  2. Conducting investigation on complaints received pertaining to veterinary Practice and recommending the state Government for further action
  3. Maintaining code and conducts of veterinarian
  4. maintaining ethics of Veterinary Professions
  5. Initiating disciplinary procedures against Vets for professional  misconducts
  6. Continuous veterinary Education through Trainings/Seminar/Workshops.

Provisional Registration:
Provisional registration of the students is done who have completed the study part of the B.V.Sc. Course. The Provisional registration is done by paying Rs.225/- through D.D./IPO favoring Registrar veterinary Council, Hyderabad.
It is mandatory for every Graduate Veterinarian to register himself with state veterinary Council. Without registration, it is illegal to conduct Veterinary practice. The registration is done by paying Rs.1000/- through D.D./IPO favoring Registrar veterinary Council, Hyderabad. For registration the following documents /items are required.

  • BVSc Degree Certificate (original with two Xerox copies)
  • SSC memo of Marks/Date of Birth Certificate (original with two Xerox copies)
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Additional Qualifications like M.V.Sc and Ph.D can be mentioned. Other than profession no degrees need to be mentioned.
  • If the Registration certificate is lost, as per the section 54 of IVCAct,1984, a DUPLICATE CERTIFICATE can be obtained duly paying Rs.150/-
  • The members should intimate the change of address from time to time to the Council
  • Every year the list of new members added and deleted is communicated to IVC, New Delhi

Renewal of the Registration is done for every (5) years after registration before 31st March of the year. For renewal of registration ,  the member has to surrender the old certificate. Along with that (2) passport size photographs, a DD/IPO for Rs.300/- favoring Registrar veterinary Council, Hyderabad is required. There will be penalty for every month incase of delay for renewal.
Transfer of Registration:
The registration of the member can be transferred to other state councils.
Address of AP Veterinary Council:
The Registrar
AP veterinary Council

Fax No.040-23327893

E-mail: registrar_apvc[at]sify(dot)mail(dot)com