The main objective of the Vision is to consolidate the gains made and to transform Animal Husbandry Sector into profitable livestock agricultural business to further strengthen the rural economy.

  • Tapping the untapped potential in Animal Husbandry Sector.
  • Restructuring and revitalizing the credit institutions.
  •  Revitalizing the research, technology and extension to the growing demand.
  • Working out strategy for up gradation of existing livestock for higher production.
  • Exploring the scope and need for increased private participation in ensuing veterinary health care, disease control utilizing latest biotechnologies.
  • Formulating new strategies for scientific feed and fodder development
  • Evolving innovations relevant to the needs of 2020(AD)
  • Exploiting marketing avenues for Livestock and Livestock Products through development of rural marketing grid.
  • Spelling out policy interventions to harness potentialities of various categories of Livestock Sector.


About 24 lakh families are dependent upon livestock sector for income generation in rural areas. The value of Milk, Meat and Eggs produced at current prices is Rs.15, 203 crores and it contributes 7.23 % to GSDP. With the recurrent drought in the State, the dependence upon livestock for alternative source of income is increasing day by day.  In order to take care of the large livestock population of the state we have 5013 Veterinary Institutions of different categories in the State. These Institutions relentlessly strive for rural prosperity by undertaking different activities


  • Improving the production potential by way of breed up gradation in Cattle and Buffaloes through Artificial Insemination.
  • Providing preventive and curative health care to Livestock through constant vigil on disease outbreaks, rendering preventive vaccinations, deworming and treatment of ailing animals.
  • Augmenting fodder production to meet the nutritional requirements of Livestock.
  • Providing relief measures to livestock during natural calamities.
  • Building awareness among farmers on profitable Livestock production.
  • Coordinating with Health Department in controlling Diseases of Zoonotic importance.
  • Providing technical support to Livestock based poverty alleviation programmes.
  • Covering the Sheep population of the state under insurance programme